Letter from the Data Editors: Welcome to Stanford

To all of our ProFros,

The Daily welcomes you to Leland Stanford Junior University, one of the world’s most selective higher education institutions. Whether you’ve lived near campus your entire life or will be arriving in the United States for the first time, you are about to embark on a completely new chapter of your life. This institution will become your second home as you spend the next few years growing into your identity and expanding your intellectual horizons.

Whether you’ve already plotted your Stanford journey in painstaking detail or you’re savoring the exhilaration that comes with entertaining the vast set of options you have in front of you, there are many ways to be a Stanford student.

In this special print issue of The Daily, our staffers have crafted stories to introduce you to the University’s many worlds of Stanford. What does Stanford do with its endowment? How can I view my admissions file? What are the pre-orientation programs like? What really goes on in the admissions office? What do graduating seniors want to tell their profro selves?

As Stanford’s oldest independent student-run newspaper, the beauty of student-run data journalism is that it provides a degree of freedom from the rigid limitations that may be placed on you by formal study in a particular area. We are delighted by the level of interest in the data section following its revival, and we are so proud of everyone who contributed to this issue.

We encourage you all to enjoy the company around you before embarking on your Stanford journey, beginning your college life with an open mind and the love of learning that guided you into this institution. Know that if you choose to come here, your time at this school will have its moments of agony and ecstasy and that your peers will be there to experience it with you. And while you may not understand yet why you have been chosen to be at this place, it matters most what you do now that you are here. Welcome to Stanford!

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